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June 10, 2016  •  2 Comments

Ellen and Jasper tied the knot at the Shenandoah Woods wedding lodge. The rain held off for the ceremony and the two were able to say their vows outside with the beautiful, Shenandoah Mountains as a backdrop. All the details were DIY and put together with the help of family and friends. It was really neat for us to capture this wedding because Ellen was a bridesmaid at a wedding we captured last year! It truly felt like a family affair as we got to see many of the same faces and see how our couple from last year was enjoying married life! Ellen and Jasper are the sweetest couple. I know "love-filled" is the commonly used phrase to describe every wedding; but this one truly was. At the very least, it was certainly HUG-filled. Every time I turned around, it seemed there was another group of people hugging! And as if to define that themselves, the very first thing Ellen and Jasper did as a married couple was to have every wedding attendee hug them- as in everyone at the same time! It was chaotic. It was glorious. This will never get old. I love to see people who love each other make the commitment to do life together in front of their loved ones. This is good stuff people! Good stuff, indeed! This rustic mountain wedding took the cake for sweetness. May they always be as in love as they were this day, dancing in the rain. Here are some images from their day:



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Cora Attari(non-registered)
I am a fellow EFM student with your Mom and heard many stories of wedding preparation from Linda. But, nothing really prepared the obvious total JOY captured in the beautiful photos. Just lovely. God bless you both with a long and love filled marriage.
Cora Attari
Mike Hallmark(non-registered)
Yay! I made it in to one. Although it is only the back of me lol.
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