Here I've answered some common questions people have about portrait sessions! 

How to Book a session

Call us up and see if we're available! If we are we will reserve a date, place and time. Payment is required at the time of booking as well as the signing and returning of our portrait contract You can pay online here or by cash or check. 


Photos shot on-site look more natural. Shooting outside gives us a chance to capture your family as they would naturally be togehter. I love the unpredictable nature of just walking along and getting the shots!

Flash or natural light

I like to shoot with natural light when possible. I do use flash/other lighting methods too, when a situation requires it.


The possibilities are endless! Think about the type of family you are! Are you an out doorsmen? Do you like city life? Homebodies? We can photograph in a location that is meaningful to you!


Wear what makes you... well you! There's nothing worse than someone looking stiff in a photo because he's not used to tie! Check out Pinterest for inspiration or ask me my thoughts! 

How long does the session last?

I try to adhere to an hour (much more and everyone gets tired and smiles look forces). I will take different group and individual portraits. 

What happens AFTER the photo shoot?

I typically upload a few 'sneak peeks' to social media for you to view and share with friends and family. 2-4 weeks later, I will upload a full online gallery and provide you with a link and a password where you can download your images (if purchased). You can choose to order prints, books etc. at this time. Images are edited at my discretion, and delivered shots may not include all images you remember having been shot. I will pick and edit only the images deemed creditable as professional in quality and within my artistic standards. RAW and unedited (digital negatives) files will not be released (please don't ask!). Files that will be released will be in jpeg format. If you only receive a black and white image, that means the coloring or exposure of the picture did not allow for a color version and the black and white image was the only salvageable image. Here's a great article that talks about why photographers don't give unedited images!

Photoshop me!?

Obvious things like fly away hairs, lipstick on teeth, or blemishes bumps and bruises are subtly edited out of the photo. I do not airbrush faces, make people thinner, younger, taller, etc. 

How do you choose which photos to edit/ Why don't you edit all the photos from my session?
During our photo session, you may notice that I take several shots of the same pose. The reason for this is that I bracket photos for exposure, and like to move around the subject to determine the best angle. I then use the best shots from each pose, and  narrow down the best photos. These are then edited by me. 

Why is there a price difference between your prints and other labs?

For every day pictures, printing photos at a discount store is great, but the reason why these pictures are cheaper is they do not last as long. My prints come from the highest quality papers and printing equipment that are calibrated to last you for years to come.