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Wedding | Wooden Sanctuary

June 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Ayla and Rouven tied the knot at the Wooden Sanctuary. It rained but it was not enough to put a damper on their love. I love Ayla's heart so much! Every time a family member or friend came in the room she would break down in happy tears! Capturing all that emotion is what I LIVE FOR! Much of Rouven's family came from Germany to witness the nuptials. Wow did they bring life to the party! I laughed at all the dancing and revelry.  Every moment was filled with their own special meaning and love for their friends and family. It was SUCH an honor to capture it! Here are some images to give you a feel for their day:


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Wedding Coordinator: Vanessa Young of Little Black Book

Florist: Nadine DeLeon of  Enchanting Designs 

Cake: Alexandria Pastry & Catering

DJ: DJ Leni from


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